Cincinnati Theft Defense Attorney

Theft is a very broad term that encompasses many different crimes under Ohio law. At its most basic, “theft” is the simple act of unlawfully taking property from another party. Theft can either be a violent crime or a white collar crime, depending on the way in which it’s done.

If you have been charged with any sort of theft, you know exactly how serious these charges are. A conviction could lead to serious consequences including prison time and up to thousands of dollars in fines and court fees. Even after you are released, the mark on your record can cast doubt on your character and put your career and future in jeopardy. If you are in this situation, it is critical to defend yourself and set the record straight as quickly as possible with the help of a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

Cincinnati’s Criminal Lawyer

Our Cincinnati criminal lawyers are smart, aggressive, and ready to fight for you. We have successfully defended clients throughout Cincinnati and surrounding counties against all types of criminal charges, including theft and such related crimes as:

At our law office, we understand the precarious situation that you are facing. We work hard to build a solid defense that can stand up to the prosecution. Whether we fight for reduced charges, dropped charges, or a trial victory, our lawyers are fully committed to pursuing the best possible outcome for your case. To schedule your free consultation with a top Cincinnati criminal lawyer, contact our law office today.