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"Don’t worry. It’s only a misdemeanor." If you are facing misdemeanor charges, you may hear this often from well-meaning friends and family. While there’s no doubt that a misdemeanor is a lesser offense than a felony, don’t let these kind words of reassurance lull you into thinking that you don’t need legal representation. No matter what your circumstances are, if you are facing criminal charges in Cincinnati, contact a Cincinnati criminal lawyer today.

According to United States law, a misdemeanor is any crime that can be punished by up to a year in jail. Ohio has set laws for individual offenses, but under the right circumstances, nearly any misdemeanor can lead to as long as a year in jail (not to mention hundreds of dollars in fines and court fees and various other penalties). No criminal charge should ever be taken lightly, whether it’s a felony or a misdemeanor. It is essential to fight any charge quickly and with the help of a professional.

Our Cincinnati Criminal Lawyer Is Ready to Fight for You

Our Cincinnati criminal lawyers are smart, aggressive, and ready to fight for you. We have successfully defended clients throughout Cincinnati and surrounding counties against all types of criminal charges, including such misdemeanors as:

Our attorneys take every case seriously, no matter how trivial it may appear. We work hard to build our clients a strong defense, and we have the skills and knowledge to effectively challenge the prosecution at every turn. Our goal for every client is a full dismissal of charges. In the event that we succeed in reducing charges, we fight hard for sentencing that avoids jail altogether, persuasively arguing in favor of probation or drug treatment over incarceration.

If you are facing misdemeanor charges, don’t take them lying down. With the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney, you can fight your charges and win. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Cincinnati criminal lawyer today.