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Cincinnati Parole Violations Attorney

You kept your head down and served your time. Now you’re out on parole. The freedom can be exciting, but be careful. If you are caught violating parole, you could end up back in the courtroom in a flash.

Unfortunately, a parole violation can come down to an accident. A friend’s mistake or a simple misunderstanding could threaten to undo your entire bid for freedom. Unlike in criminal trial, where the burden of proof is on the prosecution, in a parole hearing it’s up to you to prove your innocence. You need a Cincinnati criminal attorney who knows the difference and can get the job done right.

Our Cincinnati Criminal Lawyer Has Much Experience

When you are charged with violating your parole, not just any Cincinnati criminal lawyer will do. Criminal trials and parole hearings are completely different entities. You need an attorney with considerable experience in both.

Our criminal defense lawyers have years of experience representing clients in both probation and parole hearings. We know that misunderstandings happen all the time, and there may be a perfectly good explanation for this perceived violation. A missed date with your parole officer could come down to anything from a misunderstanding to a family emergency. We work hard to build a defense on your behalf and prove that you are committed to moving past this and focusing on a better future.

When you are facing a Cincinnati parole violation charge, you need an attorney who will fight for your freedom. Contact us to schedule your free consultation with a top Cincinnati criminal lawyer today.