Cincinnati Probation Violations Lawyer

If you are convicted of a crime, one of the best case sentencing scenarios possible is probation. If all goes well, you can completely avoid jail time and may even be able to have your charges dismissed at the end of your probationary period. Unfortunately, if you are caught in violation of your probation, you could end up right back where you started—in court and facing major fines and a jail sentence. If this is your situation, you need to defend yourself with a good Cincinnati criminal lawyer.

Cincinnati’s Criminal Lawyer

Our Cincinnati criminal lawyers are smart, aggressive, and ready to fight for you. We have successfully defended clients throughout Cincinnati and surrounding counties against all types of criminal charges, including parole and probation violations.

Probation hearings are very different from criminal trials. Even the most seasoned criminal trial lawyer can falter under lack of experience at a probation hearing. In this situation, it pays to hire an attorney with experience in both. At our law office, we have a proven track record of success defending clients in probation violation cases. We understand the unique nature of these cases, and tailor our defense strategies to the specific needs of each client. We work hard to defend your freedom and make the case that you are taking your probation seriously.

Don’t let one mistake send you back to the drawing board. Fight your probation violation charges with the help of a good criminal defense lawyer. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Cincinnati criminal lawyer today.