If you or a loved one has been arrested for murder, you must appoint a legal defense team right now. The longer you wait to appoint counsel in a violent criminal case such as murder, the more severe the consequences are likely to be. Prosecutors are under an enormous amount of pressure to make sure that you are behind bars for as long as possible. They will be fighting at the top of their game; to make sure your side of the case is heard fairly; you need a Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer with the skills and experience to fight for you.

Our Cincinnati criminal attorneys represent clients accused of murder in all degrees, as well as other homicide charges such as manslaughter.

Murder clients need an attorney that can work quickly and work aggressively, but also listen to their input in their case.

Our Cincinnati Criminal Attorney is at your service

At our law office, we understand that facing a murder charge is inherently frightening, but we also know that a good defense is within reach. We carefully review the evidence, working closely with forensics experts and other technicians to bring favorable evidence to light while casting shadows of doubt on the prosecution. Many of our cases are dismissed for lack of compelling evidence before they even reach trial. But even in worst-case scenarios, we work tirelessly to negotiate reduced charges and sentencing. At every point, our main concern is protecting your best interests.

A murder conviction can ruin your life. Don’t let it get that far—fight back with the help of skilled legal defense. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Cincinnati criminal lawyer today.